Ready Made Partners | Exclusive VIP

  • Ready Made Partner | Exclusive VIP

    Ready Made Partner | Exclusive VIP Partners receive the highest level of management support, mentoring, backup and access to all of our years of experience in providing fantastic service and opportunities to our clients and partners.

    With increased revenue split up to 55% and exclusive territories, giving you the opportunity to build your Partner business with our backing and support, to amazing levels with our exclusive platforms and services.

    As a Ready Made Partner | Exclusive VIP we provide you with:

    • 50% of all net sales, increasing to 55%
    • Online & Agreed Exclusive Postcode Region Territory
    • Sell our Stores & Services
    • Ready Made Store Partner Site Included
    • Ready Made Dropshipping Store Included
    • Ready Made Property Portal Included
    • Ready Made Travel Site Included
    • Exclusive Partner Group Benefits
    • Business Cards & Letterheads designs
    • Pull Up Banner Designs
    • Marketing Formats & Templates
    • Google Ads / FB Campaign Structures
    • Hosting of All Systems

    Key Benefits

    • Monthly Zoom Strategy & Mentoring
    • High level strategy & mentoring support
    • Live Marketing Training & Support
    • Full Back Office Client Support
    • Low start-up costs and overheads
    • Growing Market
    • Multiple Income Streams
    • Work Full or Part Time
    • Transferrable & Sellable

    You are entering into a Sales Partner Agreement, please review The Partner Agreement before proceeding.

  • Multiple Income Streams

    There are multiple income streams for the Ready Made Partner | Exclusive VIP

    • Your RMS Partner Store

    This is where you will be selling our Ready Made Stores and Support Packages as you will see them on our site , for all sales through this site you are paid 50% commission, rising to 55% after your first 10 sales

    • Your Ready Made Dropshipping Store (any one included free)

    As part of the RMS Partner package you can choose one of any of our Ready Made Dropshipping Stores , giving you another income stream as well as first hand experience of the Stores that you are selling though your RMS Partner Store. You retain 100% of the profit from a sale through your Ready Made Store, no commission or profit splits.

    • Your Ready Made Property Portal

    Our fantastic Ready Made Property Portal gives you thousands of properties ready loaded for you to sell worldwide, giving you 50% of the commission we receive when a sale is made from an enquiry through your site.

    • Your Travel Site

    Travel is an evergreen business , and through your own Travel Site you can earn commission on Flights, Car Hire , Hotels and more giving you another great income stream.

    • Monthly Services

    Additonally you will earn income from selling our subscription based services such as The Ready Made Mentor, Grow My Store and other great plans.


  • Features


    • 7 Days 


    • Ready Made Store Partner Site Included
    • Ready Made Dropshipping Store Included
    • Ready Made Property Portal Included
    • Ready Made Travel Site Included
    • Support and Backup products as per description


    • Ready Made Stores Webstore: 50% of net sales, rising to 55%
    • Additional products, support and backup plans: 35% of net sales recurring
    • E-commerce dropshipping store: 100% of net sales
    • Ready Made Property , 50% of commission received for Property Sales
    • Ready Made Travel, commission received on profit of bookings
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